Blown Film



Tex-Trude’s blown film division operates more than 20 extrusion lines in our Channelview, Texas production facility. Our monolayer production ranges from a 5” die up to a 60” die allowing for vast diversity in our production capabilities. Some of the industries served from this department include construction films, moisture and vapor barriers, transportation liners, industrial liners, batch inclusion sheeting and bags, flame retardant sheeting and tubing, and other industrial packaging products.

Our co-extrusion film division operates state of the art Alpine 3-layer extrusion lines ranging from a 6” die up to a 12” die. All of our co-extrusion lines are fitted with 6-color in-line stack presses ranging from 15” repeat up to a 72” press repeat. Some of the industries served from this department include stretch hood, shrink hood, horticultural packaging, resin and chemical packaging, and converter grade films.

Size Capabilities (monolayer):

  • Tubing – 10” Lay-flat Tubing – 480” Gusseted Tubing
  • Sheeting – 10” Lay-flat Sheeting – 480” Folded Sheeting

Size Capabilities(Co-extrusion):

  • Tubing – 17” Lay-flat Tubing – 108” Gusseted Tubing
  • Sheeting – 17” Lay-flat Sheeting – 84” Lay-flat Sheeting