Insulation Packaging




Within the last 5 years, Tex-Trude has evolved and expanded our range of both industries and capacity with the addition of multiple Co-extrusion production lines. We now are able to achieve a more precise technical packaging for the Insulation industry.

From a variety of Batt Insulation to loose fill insulation and foam board insulation, Tex-Trude can produce, print, and separate if needed the majority of specialty packaging that is required within the Insulation industry. FFS Sheeting, tubing, and separated bags, as well as protective hooder for foam board insulation can all be manufactured with the highest of accuracy and attention.

  • Virgin Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE) resins
  • Co-extrusion and mono-layer
  • Micro-embossing
  • Separated bags with corner seals
  • Open mouth bags
  • Venting – pinhole, punch or butterfly
  • UVI, Anti-block, Anti-stat
  • Pantone color matching on film
  • Print repeat up to 72″
  • Process and spot printing
  • Up to 6 color press

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