Commitment to Quality



Before Tex-Trude can produce quality products, we believe that we must hire quality employees; therefore, Tex-Trude’s commitment to quality begins with the people we hire. As a family-owned and operated company, one of our greatest priorities is to hire individuals who emanate the values and principles for which our company has come to stand. We take great pride in the knowledge and loyalty of our management team, the work ethic and motivation of our office employees, and the skill and experience of our plant supervisors and line operators. All of our employees undergo extensive and continuous training on our equipment and products to further their capabilities and technical knowledge. Our goal is to treat our employees as family. As a result of this approach, we hope that our customers will also feel as if they are treated as part of the Tex-Trude family.

Tex-Trude is very confident in the quality and consistency of our finished products. To ensure that our customers are receiving the same product on a regular basis, our quality control begins outside of our facility on our rail line. Our quality control team is responsible for testing each quadrant of every railcar before offloading any material into our silos or facility. This diligence ensures that the product we are receiving from our suppliers is consistent with our specifications and expectations.

In order to control the finished products as they are coming off of our production lines, we have multiple checks throughout the production process. These checks consists of our operators and quality control department doing routine testing on each production line as well as taking film or bag samples for further testing in our on-site lab. Depending of the needs of the customer and the specification of the products, our lab technicians test the finished products for gauge, coefficient of friction, size, seal strength, color and ink consistency as well as many other physical properties.

Tex-Trude’s commitment to quality has allowed us to remain a leader in the plastics industry for over 60 years. It is our hope that by continuing this commitment we will provide unparalleled products and services for our customers for another 60 years.