Shrink Hood




Tex-Trude has been producing polyethylene film for the packaging industry for over 40 years. We have continued to develop and produce products of the highest quality. We are confident in our track record for both service and quality.

Tex-Trude is on the leading edge of shrink hood technology. Our shrink hooder films being used to package products ranging from resin manufacturers, landscape products, drilling fluids and beyond. The automated shrink hooder offers better protection than traditional corrugated packaging or shrink film applications and places your product out front where it can be seen by consumers.

Consumers of shrink hood film are all too knowledgeable concerning the problems that can arise from poor quality and inconsistent films. Therefore, Tex-Trude performs daily tests to make sure our films are not a contributor to these problems. With our modern technology multi-layer extruders and constant monitoring of raw materials, Tex-Trude has managed to make these issues a distant memory. We look forward to the opportunity to show you our ability to consistently produce the highest quality shrink hood film.

  • Proven performance in multiple industries
  • Custom designs for every applications
  • Cost effective solutions for specific customization
  • Increased six sided protection from the environment
  • Decrease permeability
  • Higher resistance to puncture and tear
  • Exceptional sealing
  • Wide temperature operability range
  • Film that is well suited for printing a logo, company name, etc. which allows for promotion during distribution of the pallet loads
  • Increased load stability over nearly all flexible applications
  • Latest in extruder technology
  • Printed hooder film offered in line, spot color, and registered process plant
  • Daily monitoring of raw materials
  • Nationwide availability
  • Centrally located in the United States for convenient transport
  • Safe transportation and storage of your products
  • Consistency from the first order

For more information, please contact the Tex-Trude Sales Team at 281.452.5961 or