Xtreme Vapor Barriers



Xtreme Details

The Xtreme Vapor Barrier product line is specifically designed and engineered for under concrete slabs. When developing the Xtreme Vapor Barrier, Tex-Trude LP purposely chose the best raw materials (polyolefins) in the industry. Xtreme Vapor Barrier far exceeds the ASTM 1745 standards and has raised the bar for other competitors to follow. Xtreme Vapor Barrier test results were performed at and by independent test laboratories.

Xtreme Vapor Barriers are made in the USA and backed with an ISO 9001:2008 Registered certification. The raw materials used in Xtreme are all produced in the U.S. and many of the raw material suppliers are located within 15 miles of our manufacturing plant.

Tex-Trude has over 60 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of plastic products. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, Tex-Trude has remained focused on providing quality products at a competitive price to customers throughout the United States. All of our products are produced on-site and undergo extensive quality control testing before leaving the plant.

We encourage you to analyze products in the industry, evaluate manufacturers’ qualifications, and more importantly, inquire about the quality control of each manufacturing plant. Your customers deserve the best.

You can be confident in knowing that when Xtreme Vapor Barrier is installed on your next project that you will be receiving a product that uses the best raw materials available and has undergone extensive quality control.

Xtreme Installation

Xtreme Installation Instructions are based on the ASTM 1643 Standard Practice Installation Guidelines for Water Vapors/Retarders Used in Contact with Earth and Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs

AIA Continuing Education Course

Tex-Trude XTREME is proud to sponsor a Continuing Education Course entitled
Under Concrete Slab Vapor Barriers: Essential Protection From the Ground Up.
Upon completion of the online course, test takers can earn 1.0 credit
toward AIA continuing education requirements.

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Under Concrete Slab Vapor Barriers: Essential Protection From the Ground Up


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