Tex-Cap is a high performance modified PVC Joint Cap manufactured with top quality resins. Tex-Cap is to be installed over an expansion board material to form a mechanical bond to stop water and other contaminants from migrating through the joint.


Tex-Trude stocks the following Tex-Cap profiles in the warehouse, but we have the capability to produce additional profiles for our customers.

Stocked Items Feet/Spool Spools/Pallet
TEX CAP 605 50 20
TEX CAP 610 50 30
TEX CAP 624 50 30
TEX CAP 626 50 20
TEX CAP 628 50 30
TEX CAP 632 50 30

Additional Documents

Tex-Cap Technical Data Sheet

Tex-Cap Profiles

For more information, please contact the Tex-Trude Sales Team at 713.481.3415 or sales@tex-trude.com