Alongside Tex-Trude’s printing department, we operate and offer different converting capabilities to our customers. These offerings include:

  • Bottom-Weld Bag Manufacturing – We operate two German engineered bottom-weld bag machines to make a tubular bag for the lawn and garden industry, the chemical and resin industry, and the insulation industry as well as many other applications.
  • Hot Needle Perforation – This perforation technique helps create holes in film to allow moisture to escape without creating a “chad” in the film that can contaminate the packaged product. This application typically serves the batch inclusion industry.
  • Tape Slitting – Our slitters can comfortably slit plain or printed film down to 1” from master rolls that are produced in-house. We make many types of customer tapes for customers including Danger, Caution and other identification tapes.
  • High Speed Perforation – This converting technique creates a perforation or “tear” across the web of the film not only at very high speeds but one that is also in registration with the print on the film.